Saturday, September 15, 2012

Free Online SQL Editor

I came across a little gem; if you are ever stuck with some SQL and ask for some help in a forum etc, this free online sql editor called SQL Fiddle will allow you to create tables, run sql etc all online - ready to share with fellow developers.

If you are familiar with it's JavaScript cousin jsFiddle, then this is a welcome addition to your tool belt.


Unknown said...

Hello, i would like to ask that what is the benefits of sql training, what all topics should be covered and it is kinda bothering me … and has anyone studies from this course of SQL tutorial online?? or tell me any other guidance...
would really appreciate help… and Also i would like to thank for all the information you are providing on sql training.

Alex said...

Hi Christi, glad the blog is coming in useful for you.

A good place to start for SQL training is to start with a good book. I'm a fan of the Wrox books, perhaps a beginners book on t-SQL? But I'm not sure of they have a SQL server 2012 book out yet.